It all starts at our global headquarters in switzerland

The Design process

Here in Zürich, Switzerland, our team of designers and fashion experts create sketches, artist impressions and initial designs taking inspiration from the latest fashion trends.

Once the designs have been reviewed and approved, our engineering experts take over and produce exact technical designs, engineering guidelines and precise technical specifications.


The design process is then completed by crafting an actual handmade 3D prototype for a final check, before the manufacturing process starts.

The manufacturing process

With the exact specifications and the 3D prototype, we start engineering and manufacturing precision molds and custom tooling.

For the crafting of the actual glasses, we use only premium materials such as ultra light and flexible Swiss TR 90 or precious metal materials.

To finish our frames, we use state-of-the-art coating and plating technologies.

The lens technology

INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group is all about giving consumers the unique visual experience of our ultra polarized lens technology. Our sunglasses are equipped with top of the line optical triacetate, injection molded polycarbonate or ground and polished glass ultra polarized lenses. With INVU, you will experience glare-free vision, 100% protection from harmful UV rays and unmatched high definition vision and color recognition.

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The quality

We apply the highest quality standards for our products. Through 3rd party independent laboratories as well as our own quality inspectors, we carefully examine all INVU products against our Swiss specifications and enforce uncompromised compliance.

Enjoy true Swiss quality with INVU ultra polarized eyewear.


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