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Edison BL

Our blue light protective screen glasses are crafted using premium Swiss materials. They reduce high intensity blue light (390 - 430 nanometers) and help prevent eye fatigue. Includes a slip-in case.

Fit Medium
Shape Rectangular
Temple length 140
Bridge length 17
Lens length 52
Frame size guide

Edison BL
Edison BL
CHF  45.90

Diopter +0.00

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Our lens technology

INVU's blue light protective glasses are designed for people who spend a significant amount of time using electronic devices. Our glass technology attenuates blue light to improve the negative symptoms associated with increased screen time. The smart lens is paired with ultra-light and flexible Swiss TR 90 material, making your glasses not only protective, but also incredibly comfortable to wear.

Symptoms of abundant screen time:

eye fatigue


eye strain

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Why we filter blue light

Increased blue light exposure

Electronic devices such as smartphones and computer screens emit a significant amount of high energy visible light (HEV) that may lead to sleeplessness, eye fatigue and eye strain

Our technology

INVU’s blue light protective glass technology attentuates blue light in the dangerous and high intensity blue light spectrum of 390- 430 nanometers. The smart lens is paired with ultra-light, flexible Swiss TR 90 material for maximum comfort

Made with quality materials

Our blue light glasses are crafted in high quality materials, making them ultra-light and extremely comfortable